Tooth Recontouring & Reshaping

Tooth Recontouring & Reshaping

Tooth Recontouring & Reshaping

Dental re-contouring or reshaping is a procedure in which small amounts of tooth enamel are removed to change a tooth’s length, shape, or surface. The procedure is usually done to improve someone’s appearance by creating more harmony and balance in their smile. It is an effective method to correct minor imperfections such as:

– Small Chips

– Smoothing out grooves or pits in a tooth’s enamel

– Adjusting slight irregular tooth shapes caused by too many or uneven teeth

– Adjusting the length of the teeth

– Correcting “pointy” teeth

Dental re-contouring can also improve overall dental health by removing crevices or overlaps between the teeth in which harmful plaque or tartar can accumulate. It is a quick, painless, and inexpensive procedure that can make a big difference in your smile. Because it is relatively inexpensive and noninvasive, it is a good place to start changing your smile to the one that you have always wanted.

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