Wisdom Teeth Removal


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Professional Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is common in cases of disease, trauma, or crowding. First, the dentist will numb the area to alleviate pain or discomfort. After the extraction, your dentist will discuss a post-care regimen with you. In most cases, a small to moderate amount of bleeding is normal. Our Tamarac dentist and Plantation dentist locations have been performing tooth extractions for years and are here to guide you through your wisdom teeth removal and post-surgery care. Contact our office to schedule a dental exam today!

We educate patients on what to expect and make sure they are both comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. Tooth extraction can provide a solution to dental issues such as overcrowding and painful infections. For the first few days after removal, you must rinse, rinse your mouth gently. If you experience swelling, apply a cold cloth or an ice bag and call our team right away. Ask your dentist about pain medication and continue brushing and flossing the other teeth as usual but do not clean the teeth next to where the tooth was removed.

Here are some tips to follow to make recovery easier:

Avoid anything that might prevent normal healing.

Don’t smoke or rinse your mouth vigorously.

Avoid drinking through a straw for 24 hours.

Follow the diet your
dentist suggests.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure used when the tooth becomes impacted or infected beyond treatment. Removal is usually necessary to prevent future complications and alleviate pain due to infection or impaction. Our Plantation dentist office has performed thousands of wisdom tooth extractions and is available to help guide you through the process from first consultation to post-surgery care. Impacted wisdom teeth often grow at an angle and do not have enough room to grow properly among the other teeth, resulting in issues such as:

  • Food & other trapped objects
  • Gum disease or other types of infection
  • Cysts or tooth decay
  • Damage to nearby teeth or bone

At Smile Every Day, there is no need to stress about this simple procedure. Our friendly and compassionate dental care staff are here to inform, guide, and help you through your wisdom teeth surgery. Contact us today to schedule a Tamarac wisdom teeth removal or Plantation wisdom teeth removal consultation. In addition to extraction, we also provide a wide range of general and cosmetic dentistry services including teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, tooth crowns, gum disease treatment, root canals, dental implants, veneers, tooth reshaping, and emergency dental care. Contact our office to learn more and schedule an appointment today!