Early Interceptive Orthodontics: Phase II

Lady with braces

Phase 2 Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

Early interceptive phase 2 orthodontic treatment is recommended for children after most of the permanent teeth have erupted. Typically, Early Phase Two treatment is recommended for children between the ages of 11-13 years old to prevent future issues that could require more extensive treatment. The objective of this early phase treatment is to position all the permanent teeth to maximize their appearance and function.

It is less invasive (no headgear required and fewer rubber bands), eliminates the need for extraction, and reduces time spent in full braces. This is especially important for patients as they enter their teenage years. Our team of pediatric orthodontists has treated thousands of young patients and strives to make every visit a fun and positive experience. Submit a form request or call our office to schedule a consultation with a Davie pediatric orthodontist, Plantation pediatric orthodontist, or Tamarac pediatric orthodontist.

Benefits of Phase 2 Treatment

Move permanent teeth into their final positions

Correct minor bite issues

Improve teeth function and facial appearance

Increase a child’s self-esteem

Phase 2 Early Orthodontics

Phase 2 Early Orthodontics is the second stage of orthodontic care and typically begins after the eruption of all permanent teeth. The goal of this phase is to address more complex dental issues and involves the use of braces or other orthodontic appliances to achieve optimal alignment and bite correction.