Early Interceptive Orthodontics: Phase 2

Early Interceptive Orthodontics: Phase 2

Treatment For Kids


Early Interceptive Phase 2 Orthodontic treatment will be recommended for children after most of the permanent teeth have erupted. Typically, Early Phase Two treatment is recommended for children between the ages of 11 and 13 years old to prevent future issues that could require more extensive treatment.

The objective of this early phase treatment is to position all the permanent teeth to maximize their appearance and function. This is best accomplished with full braces or Invisalign and is usually between 12-18 months long. It requires less patient participation (no headgear and less rubber bands), often eliminates extraction of permanent teeth and reduces the time spent in full braces. This is especially important for patients as they enter their teenage years.

Phase Two Interceptive Orthodontics will do the following:

– Move permanent teeth into their final positions

– Correct minor bite issues

– Continue improving teeth function and facial appearance

– Continue to increase child’s self-esteem

Early Interceptive Orthodontist Phase 2

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